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The Diverse Origins Of New Zealand House Mice

June 26, 2017

Because humans have long transported house mice inadvertently in their ships, global colonisation history of mice (revealed with genetic traits, particularly DNA sequences) reflects the history of human movements.

Our data suggest New Zealand was colonised by a large influx of house mice from the British Isles, consistent with human settlement history. However, in addition to the western European subspecies (major type) of house mouse, eastern European and southern Asian subspecies occur in New Zealand, reflecting human arrivals.

Thus a cultural mix of people in New Zealand created a genetic melting pot of mice, generating opportunities for future evolutionary studies.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Proceedings B is the Royal Society's flagship biological research journal, dedicated to the rapid publication and broad dissemination of high-quality research papers, reviews and comment and reply papers. The scope of journal is diverse and is especially strong in organismal biology.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences