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Redskins Kick-Off The 2006-2007 Season With New High Tech Defense

March 19, 2017

As the 2006 training camp begins the Washington Redskins are the first team in the NFL to apply a new invisible defense -- the advanced antimicrobial protection of SportsAide.

"With bacterial staph infections like MRSA becoming more prevalent outside of the hospital setting and becoming more of an issue in amateur and professional sports, we wanted to take an aggressive approach to protect our players," said Bubba Tyer, Redskins Director of Sports Medicine. "We are fortunate to have an owner in Dan Snyder and coach in Joe Gibbs that believe in being proactive when it comes to protecting the team."

SportsAide is a state-of-the-art antimicrobial treatment for sports equipment and facilities that controls the growth of a wide range of all known bacteria, mold, fungi and algae.

There is now an active antimicrobial layer of SportsAide protecting the athletic training rooms, locker rooms, strength and conditioning center and player equipment at the Gerald S. Snyder Training Facility at Redskins Park.

"Using this high tech defense is just one step in keeping an environment safe from these types of infections," added Tyer. "It is important for everyone to be educated in simple steps that can be taken and really aid in the fight against picking up these types of bacteria like ... wash your hands often, shower after workouts and practice, and avoid sharing towels, razors, and daily athletic gear."

"Unlike conventional disinfectants that wash away and dissipate quickly, SportsAide durably bonds to the surface, actively fighting microorganisms 24/7," said SportCoatings president Art McWood. "Investing in SportsAide is investing in peace-of-mind that lasts for years."

SportsAide is one of a trio of products in the Sports Antimicrobial System by SportCoatings: TurfAide(TM), SportsAide(TM) and SportsAide(TM) Fabric Conditioner. TurfAide provides antimicrobial protection to synthetic turf systems; SportsAide protects athletic facilities and equipment; while SportsAide Fabric Conditioner provides antimicrobial protection, stain releasers and odor control to sports laundry like towels and uniforms.

The technology powering SAS is the AEGIS Microbe Shield(R) which has been safely used in consumer goods and medical applications for more than 30 years. Registered with the EPA, it imparts an invisible layer of antimicrobial protection that will not leach any chemicals or heavy metals into the environment and will not rub off onto a player's skin.

"What makes the AEGIS Microbe Shield unique is that it functions through a physical mode-of-action versus the chemical poisoning associated with traditional antimicrobials," said Curtis White, Chairman and CEO of AEGIS. "This physical mode-of-action prevents microbes from adapting to the shield so there is no ability for 'super bugs' to develop resistance."

Extensive warranties and service agreements are available on SAS applications to ensure the active antimicrobial layer remains intact.

A division of the Coatings Specialist Group (CSG), SportCoatings is the world leader in sports coatings offering a wide array of products that enhance, restore and maintain synthetic sports surfaces. For more information about SportCoatings or the Sports Antimicrobial System, log onto csgsport.