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Expression Of Annexin AI In CRCC Correlates With Tumor Stage, Fuhrman Grade, Amount Of Eosinophilic Cells And Clinical Outcome

May 19, 2017

UroToday- Annexin AI is a calcium and phospholipids binding protein that is part of a larger family of proteins that regulate a vast array of intracellular processes. Previous studies have demonstrated over expression of this molecule in cancers such as gastric and hepato-cellular malignancy.

Conversely, expression has been shown to be decreased in prostate cancer and decreased expression is associated with an adverse outcome in head and neck and esophageal cancers. Annexin AI is expressed by normal kidney cells but the expression pattern changes in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) have not been well described. Here, Zimmermann and colleagues examine expression of annexin AI in RCC and correlate that expression with clinicopathologic parameters.

The authors examined expression of annexin AI in the primary tumors of 33 patients with RCC as well as 10 metastatic foci using immunohistochemistry, 2 D electrophoresis, and RT-PCR.

They found that the level of over expression of annexin AI was directly correlated with increased tumor grade and the amount of eosinophilic cells in the tumor sample (another feature of adverse outcome), all metastatic foci over expressed annexin AI. Importantly, the authors demonstrated that over expression of annexin AI by the tumor was associated with a significantly decreased survival in patients with RCC (p=0.013).

The authors conclude that over expression of annexin AI is an adverse prognostic feature in patients with RCC.

Zimmermann U, Woenckhaus C, Teller S, Venz S, Langheinrich M, Protzel C, Maile S, Junker H and Giebel J

Histol Histopathol. 22(5):527-534, May 2007

Reported by UroToday Contributing Editor Christopher G. Wood, MD

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