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EAU Session On "BPH: Intervention Therapy 1"

October 25, 2017

UroToday - A session on "BPH: Intervention Therapy 1" took place at the EAU on Thursday March 22, 2007. Two talks from this session are covered herein.

Dr. Kuntz, Berlin presented "A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Transurethral Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HOLEP) with Open Transvesical Prostatectomy (OP): 5 Years Follow-Up). This was the first such comparison of these two techniques, according to the presenter. 120 men with prostates >100gm on TRUS were randomized to either HoLEP or OP. HoLEP was performed at 2.0joules, 40-50 Hz, and 80-100W with reusable 550nM laser fibers. Post-operative outcomes were assessed. Pre-operative patient characteristics were similar and follow-up was 5 years. HoLEP was better regarding blood loss, length of catheter time and hospital stay. The early complication rates, AUA symptom scores, peak urinary flow rates and post-void residuals in both groups. At 5 years, 84 of the 120 patients completed follow-up. All parameters at 5-years were comparable and supported a durable response in this group of men with large prostates pre-operatively.

A second presentation by Dr. Aho, Cambridge also assessed HoLEP in large prostates. Patients were separated into 3 groups: 80gm prostate. The group with the largest prostates had a longer hospital stay and those in the two larger size prostate groups had a greater need for post-operative bladder irrigation. In those patients not in urinary retention pre-operatively, voiding outcomes were the same. There were no differences in complications.

These studies agree that HoLEP is safe and effective in large prostates.

Reviewed by UroToday Contributing Editor By Christopher P. Evans, M.D., FACS

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