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Alzheimer's Society Comment On Department Of Health Survey Into Attitudes Towards Growing Older

August 25, 2017

A Department of Health survey has found that 86% of people are worried about getting old.

It also found that 54% worry about losing their mind and memory, 54% worry about illness or infirmary and 39% worry about being lonely. The survey has been commissioned a month before the end of the consultation on the government Green Paper on the future of care services.

'It comes as no surprise that more than half of people surveyed by the Department of Health are worried about cognitive impairment. It adds weight to Alzheimer's Society's findings that dementia is people's biggest fear in later life.

'More than two thirds of people in care homes have dementia. They could face enormous bills for poor quality care. Everyone must join the call for a system that is robust enough to tackle the rising dementia challenge and give people a better quality of life.'

Neil Hunt
Chief Executive
Alzheimer's Society

Charging for care

- People with dementia and carers face some of the largest bills for often poor quality care. The majority of their care is classed as 'social care' which is means tested. They also require complex care over a long period of time in comparison to other conditions.

- The King's Fund estimates the cost of dementia in England to the NHS, local authorities and individuals will rise to over £23 billion by 2018. The same report also estimates that by 2027 spend on dementia will make up 75% of mental health costs.


- To contribute to Alzheimer's Society's charging debate go to debate.

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